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Sollux doesn’t look like he has eyebrows anymore

i’m not sure if that’s because of the eyepatches but 

Did Eridan singe those off too buddy


sob sob


the story is that the beta kids all live in a house together and one day Dave convinces John to join him on an epic manly quest to snoop through the girls’ room in search of The Promised Land aka Lacy Panty Partyland but then they hear Jade and Rose coming up the stairs and in a panic hide themselves in the storage closet. Everything collapses on them and if they move a single centimeter the whole thing will come down with a bang so they’ve got to stay perfectly still, and John’s freaking out about their fate OH MY GOD DAVE I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU WE’RE GOING TO DIE OH MY GOD NEVER AGAIN I’M SO SORRY GOD

and Dave, Dave’s having his own mental crisis overload and he’s just thinking

oh my god, do i touch his butt, it - it’s right there and if i held on then we’d be more stable and shit or whatever, but do i



I have this homestuck theory

So in this update (and in some previous updates), Hussie was making OBVIOUS references and hints at “Lord of the rings”.

Hinted at Tavros:

And we’ve noticed that John has the ring:

So i went and search in the “Lord of the Rings” Wikipedia, about the ring:

“When a more typical person put on the ring, he would be partly “shifted” out of the physical realm into the spiritual realm, walking its threshold. A side effect (but usually the first effect noticed) of this was that it made the wearer invisible to physical beings like living men, but highly visible to spiritual beings like Ringwraiths.”

“Typical person/living men” = Human = John Egbert

“he would be partly “shifted” out of the physical realm into the spiritual realm”

Aranea and Rose said that Calliope is STILL ALIVE, IN SPIRIT somewhere in the Furthest Ring.

Calliope is a spirit.

She is IN THERE but no one can see her:

It could happen if John puts the ring, he could see Calliope.

Muse of Space 


Submission Time!

Dave Strider and Karkat Vantas from Homestuck

Cosplayers (also Submitters): Danny (Dave Strider) and Riro (Karkat Vantas)

Submitter comment: 

we´d love to answer every homestuck related request <3 

One Year Later - Can We Talk?



giant cutie.


bro grew out his facial hair just to make an americastash


also beard of AMERICA 


Massive T-Shirt Giveaway !! 0 u 0

This is going to be my last giveaway for awhile, ahaha. 
Anyway, I hit 1k followers awhile back so I thought I’d do something……….. Even though my 413 followers giveaway is still….. going……….. hsjhg
atleast this is simple v_v 


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Wow!! Thank you guys so much for over 10k followers! I know a ton of you followed after Andrew linked to me, so, hi!! I have never done a giveaway before but I thought it would be fun to do something special!

So! What does the winner of this giveaway get? You will receive a free drawing of yourself (or your fantroll, or your favorite character, or whatever you want) as a god tier or trickster in Calliope’s art style! COOL, HUH? I am going to use my position as “UU ghost artist” to do something fun for fandom, ehheeh. 

ANYWAYS, here are the rules!

-you don’t have to be following me to enter but go ahead and follow me if you want, i’m awesome. 

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good luck everyone, and thanks for following! i am floored by the amount of positive response i’ve gotten for my art. you all rock!


the newest revelation in homestuck leaves the fandom shocked